The Rules

So, if any of you are planning on coming to our house and playing in Hayden's room any time soon, I wanted you to know that there are some rules.
Hayden recently posted these rules for his room:

Hayden's Rules
1. Be nise to aliens.
2. Play with (Lego Secret Agent) truck 2 times a day.
3. Go to sleep at 7:00.
4. Let Kate in only if she's doing something nise.
5. Eat candy only on Mon, Wed, Fri, and Sun.

There you have it. If you can't keep the rules, (especially rule #1, which some people have trouble with), then you can't come in Hayden's room. And, if you don't like candy, then you might want to come on a Tuesday, a Thursday, or a Saturday.


Rachel said...

ha ha, how funny, i called you today but i guess you were out. i was in zebulon and i think i drove by close to your house. guess i should have read this first, maybe if i would have known the rules i could have come by!! :)

Heather said...

Can I move into Hayden's room for a couple of days and bring my sleeping bag so I can obey rule number 3? Also, I am great at eating candy and I am nice to aliens all of the time, I practiced when I worked at Foodlion. I'll also bring Parker who loves legos, they'll be great friends!

That was really funny, thanks for sharing!

Crystal and Brad Barger said...

Kids really are too funny!

Angie (Drowns) Kelly said...

So cool. I loved having rules for my room. It's so weird and fun to see my kids going through the same phases of life that I remember so well.

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