HOW MANY people are in your family?

Here is a video that Christian put together of the Simpson Family, Fall 2008. He did an fabulous job. If you can name everyone in this video, I'll give you 20 bucks! (12 kids, 8 in-laws, and 24 grandkids (I think ...))
Also, I thought we could play a little "I Spy"!

A boy in a dryer and in a plane,
A handsome couple at a football game,
Kids in the leaves and big kids at the fair,
Two funny faces - who is under there?
Buried in the sand with only a face,
How many Hayden's are in this place?
Dad and son in a cart that can GO!
Three pretty princesses all in a row.
A family at Disney,
And one on a ride,
Then one at the zoo with an elephant's hide.
Batman, a pirate, and Tinkerbell times two,
Two faces looking crazy to scare you!
A sweet little smile on a baby who's not lean,
And the littlest scarecrow you've ever seen.

Good luck in your spy-ing!


You may have noticed that I never did the requisite kids-in-Halloween-costumes-looking-super-cute post. Our computer has been on the fritz and then the time just passed. Let's just say that my kids were really cute in their costumes and we had a fun Halloween. And, also, that if Eric Carle who wrote The Grouchy Ladybug ever needs a mascot, we've got his girl!
So, I've been tagged! Allyn Boney tagged me with a quirk challenge: 7 quirks that nobody knows about me. This has been pretty fun ... although I don't know if I'm going to be able to come up with that many interesting quirks.
1. I have always wanted to clog (as in clogging, not as in wearing them or in getting something stuck). It's my secret dream to be really great at clogging and to wear that frilly dress and the whole get-up. I just don't have the guts to do it. And, if I'm really great at it, clogging seems like kind of a nerdy talent to have. Still, don't be surprised to see me one day up on stage ...
2. I like fried chicken livers. I've even ordered them when we're out to eat, much to Cletus' dismay. And, the Simpsons say that I'm not really Southern!
3. I prefer to have all of the doors in the car locked when I'm driving. A long time ago someone told me that it was safer, and it has just stuck. I realize that if you were in an accident and you were trying to get out of the car, or if rescuers were trying to get in, then it wouldn't be safer at all. This quirk just won't listen to reason.
4. I hate getting water splashed on my face. Even when I'm in the pool, I like having my face dry all of the time. I enjoy water games, pools, sprinkler, etc as long as I don't have water splashed on my face.
5. I can't remember anyone's birthday to save my life. Even family members. Sorry everyone. I'm lame.
6. I hate dogs. I'm actually pretty scared of dogs. I was taking the kids on a small walk down our street a few weeks ago and a stray dog was just walking down the street not paying any attention to us and I was in a panic. My heart was racing, my legs turned to jello, and I had to breathe slow to get myself back in control. I actually don't take walks with my kids around in our neighborhood because I am scared of wild or stray dogs.
7. I'm allergic to fresh fruit. Especially fruits that have an edible skin like peaches, apples, and pears. Peaches are the worst for me. I get a rash around my mouth, the inside of my mouth gets itchy and I've even had my throat get a little swollen before. I haven't always had that problem. I think it's a post-Hayden issue.
Well, that was suppose to be fun but now I just feel like a weirdo. You're all going to have to write comments to reassure me of how normal I am.
I tag Heather Pollei, Tanya Smith, and my sister, Mary.