An Explanation

First, I need to nominate myself for lame blogger of the year award. Unfortunately, I do about as well writing in my journal as I do updating my blog. But there is an explanation ....
We are expecting a baby! I've been miserably sick for weeks and weeks. Maybe months ... I've lost track. Maybe I never really felt well. I can't remember. It's all a blur. But my mind tells me that I'm only 11 weeks along so I really couldn't have been sick for most of my life, like it feels. We are all really excited! I'm due April 7, which seems like a really long ways away. But we have a lot of getting ready to do. We're going to bunk the baby in with Kate, so we need to get their room ready. We will need to get a bigger car ... and, the baby is the size of a fig right now, so I guess it needs to do a little bit more growing.
Kate talks about the new baby every day and Hayden is really wishing for a boy and not "another boring girl".
So, I've been lame at blogging, but at least I have a good excuse.