Farewell, Summer!

Farewell to beach and camping trips, to long rides in the car, to bug bites galore. Farewell to ice pops, runs in the sprinkler, and baseball games. Farewell to summer heat and humidity that makes fall one of my favorite friends. Farewell to having squash, zuchinni, and tomatoes in great abundance from our garden. Farewell to fireworks and daylight that lasts past bedtime. So, farewell summer. We will greet you again next year with great anticipation.

Dr. Dad

The kids and I went to get a cleaning before school starts and schedules get crazy. Hayden always gets a kick out of seeing Cletus "all dressed up" as a dentist (I do too). I think he forgets that Cletus actually goes somewhere and works during the day. One of the assistants asked Hayden, "so, does your dad talk about teeth all of the time at home?" and Hayden looked at her like she was crazy and said, "umm, no". I guess she assumes that he is interested in teeth at home as well as at work. Not true. Anyway, I'm glad our kids are getting a good introduction to a friendly dentist and a good experience with their teeth. I had awful dental experiences growing up and I still tense up and clench my hands when I'm in that chair. We all got new toothbrushes, toothpaste, and floss, so the day was a success. (and, no cavities!)


If laughing really takes years off of your life, then this video has made Cletus and I years younger! Sorry Carrie Underwood, but I almost like this version better. (First, go down to the bottom of my blog and pause the music so that you can fully appreciate and enjoy the video)

(Hayden thought that this was actually Cletus in the video ... with a beard and an extra 100 lbs ...?)

Does anybody smell that?

I have pretty much decided that most of my job as a homemaker is to make sure our home doesn't stink. Almost all of my jobs center around this one goal.
Laundry? Making sure our clothes don't smell bad
Dishes? Dirty dishes definitely smell horrible. Especially greasy ones.
Diapers? Obvious
Cleaning the bathrooms? The smell of bleach is so much better than other alternatives.
Bathing children? Obvious again
Cooking? There are few smells better than the smell of fresh baked bread or homemade cookies. And I think that cooking broccoli could be up there with one of the worst smells of all time, along with various burned items. I guess burned broccoli could be the queen of bad smells.
Cleaning out the fridge? I always dread this job, but my nose convinces me that it will be well worth it after the dirty task is finished.
Vacuuming and mopping? Questionable, but it sure seems like the house smells better when the floors are freshly cleaned. And, now that I've started mopping with vinegar and water, somehow vinegar has become a pleasant smell.

And, along the theme of smells, I have always wanted to be known among my loved ones for a certain sweet smell. Whether it's a perfume I've worn my whole life, or fresh homemade cookies, I picture my husband, children, or grandchildren smelling this sweet smell, smiling, and thinking fondly of me. It seems that old women are usually remembered by a floral perfume that they've worn forever and which seems to waft after them wherever they are and wherever they've been. I learned in some of college psychology classes that the part of the brain that senses smells is right next to the one responsible for memories and that smells bring back memories more strongly than any of our other senses. Can you pick this smell that others identify with you or does it choose you? All of the more reason to have a lovely-smelling house. I don't want to be remembered one day as the grandma who smells like burned broccoli.

The Essentials

I laughed as I walked by our kitchen counter a few days ago and noticed this:

Our nutritional essentails all lined up: rice, wheat, pasta, and wild cherry M&M's.