Does anybody smell that?

I have pretty much decided that most of my job as a homemaker is to make sure our home doesn't stink. Almost all of my jobs center around this one goal.
Laundry? Making sure our clothes don't smell bad
Dishes? Dirty dishes definitely smell horrible. Especially greasy ones.
Diapers? Obvious
Cleaning the bathrooms? The smell of bleach is so much better than other alternatives.
Bathing children? Obvious again
Cooking? There are few smells better than the smell of fresh baked bread or homemade cookies. And I think that cooking broccoli could be up there with one of the worst smells of all time, along with various burned items. I guess burned broccoli could be the queen of bad smells.
Cleaning out the fridge? I always dread this job, but my nose convinces me that it will be well worth it after the dirty task is finished.
Vacuuming and mopping? Questionable, but it sure seems like the house smells better when the floors are freshly cleaned. And, now that I've started mopping with vinegar and water, somehow vinegar has become a pleasant smell.

And, along the theme of smells, I have always wanted to be known among my loved ones for a certain sweet smell. Whether it's a perfume I've worn my whole life, or fresh homemade cookies, I picture my husband, children, or grandchildren smelling this sweet smell, smiling, and thinking fondly of me. It seems that old women are usually remembered by a floral perfume that they've worn forever and which seems to waft after them wherever they are and wherever they've been. I learned in some of college psychology classes that the part of the brain that senses smells is right next to the one responsible for memories and that smells bring back memories more strongly than any of our other senses. Can you pick this smell that others identify with you or does it choose you? All of the more reason to have a lovely-smelling house. I don't want to be remembered one day as the grandma who smells like burned broccoli.


mommyof5 said...

I completely agree! I started laughing as I read this because it is so true. For me there is one more to the list that is spraying down stinky shoes. Why do boys feet and shoes smell so bad?

Hester Family said...

Now that's a snoz to remember! Your clothes do have a scent (pleasant at that)- maybe it's the laundry detergent, but maybe it's just the scent you are referring to. Loved reading this post!

Rachel said...

you should get a rainbow vac! you can add fragrances to the water and it will smell up the house quick while you vacuum!! it is great! i don't have one, but i wish i did

Chris said...

your closing sentence made me laugh for ten minutes. you always smell sweet: combo of clean skin and hair and whatever your use for lotion, shampoo, etc. i can see hayden years from now saying, my grandma's house always smelled like chicken poop and tomatoes.

help, i'm buried in tomatoes!

Heather said...

As I was reading this I could smell my Grandma and it made me miss her :) She was a floral gal...maybe combined with baby powder (think Secret) And she always wore silky type fabrics for shirts and was so soft to hug. Smell is definitely a powerful thing. Some days I walk around thinking I smell poop all day but I think sometimes it can get burned into your nostrils after diaper changes. I'm like "Greg, does it smell like poop?"

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