Farewell, Summer!

Farewell to beach and camping trips, to long rides in the car, to bug bites galore. Farewell to ice pops, runs in the sprinkler, and baseball games. Farewell to summer heat and humidity that makes fall one of my favorite friends. Farewell to having squash, zuchinni, and tomatoes in great abundance from our garden. Farewell to fireworks and daylight that lasts past bedtime. So, farewell summer. We will greet you again next year with great anticipation.


Scott Kelly said...

Oh NO! I was bawling!! It can't be over yet?!! Ahhhh..but HELLO to pre-school and pumpkins, wedding anniversaries, cool breezes, general conference, windows open, decorating for holidays, new nieces, ..I think I'll make it to next summer!

I loved the pictures BTW

Chris said...

angie don't forget beef stew, homemade bread, hot chocolate, and cuddling up under the quilts at night in a cold bedroom.

alice, i LOVED the pictures. you and cletus always look cute. i think you both are good at the picture taking smile. kate and hayden don't even have to try. come see me.

Heather said...

Great pictures!!! :) I thought I was ready for summer to be over until I read this (even though fall is my favorite.) Maybe we'll have to make one mad dash to the beach. Despite my best efforts, somehow I ended up with two pink sippy cups!! Also did Cletus bring baseball mits and a bat? David Henderson found some and we thought they might belong to you guys.

Crystal and Brad Barger said...

Those are good pictures! I noticed Kate had a farmers tan...in the shot with just her in the swimsuit. She is cute!

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