The search continues!

I am so frustrated with the job of finding a pair of jeans that fit! Perhaps it is because I have the figure of a SlimJim, but I cannot find jeans that look good on me. They are either too loose and baggy, or too tight and clingy, or too short (if I buy petite), or too long (if I buy regular), or really, really too long (if I buy tall). If I buy petite, the jeans look good when I'm standing up, but they come up halfway up my leg when I sit down - horray for cute socks. If I buy regular, they drag on the ground when I'm walking outside. I've rolled them up, but have been informed that this is way un-cool. Perhaps it is also because I'm not willing to spend $80 on 1 pair of jeans. That is crazy! I can't get myself to do it. Although, I wear jeans every day, so I guess a pair of jeans that look and feel fabulous on me might be worth $80. My mom uniform consists of jeans and casual shirts of various colors. A great pair of jeans could be life-changing! I understand the inspiration for the book, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. It must be every woman's dream to find the perfect pair of jeans. Well, for me, the search continues ...

The lovebirds

Mary and Christian are getting married April 12 .... I think all of us are anxious for April to arrive! I never realized the work that goes into putting on a wedding: bridal showers, reception planning, invitations, etc. I was completely oblivious when Cletus and I got married. We were on another planet, which is the way it suppose to be, I guess. We pretty much showed up to the temple and the reception and enjoyed ourselves. Ahh. .. young love. Aside from the stress, I have loved seeing my little sister so happy. It's a side of her I haven't ever seen and I am glad that she has found her "soul mate" (for all of those Uncle Rico fans) . We really like Christian - he keeps all of us laughing and he seems perfect for Mary.

It's my party ...

Cletus and I are getting a crash course in the life of little girls. I didn't realize how accustom we have been to living in a boy's world. Kate is showing her dramatic side quite early - earlier than we expected. She will throw herself down on the floor and cry if she doesn't get what she wants (offer her what she wants and she can turn it off in a second), and she puts her head down with her lip sticking out and makes eye contact to make sure the message is getting across. Kate also loves jewelry and sparkle-y things. I bought some necklaces at Target for her to play with, not realizing that she would wear them all at the same time! I'm afraid she might tip over forward with the weight of them all. She is also turning into a little mommy and takes care of anything or anyone that might be in need (be it a toy or an actual person). There is nothing like a snotty-nosed kiss right on the mouth when you're having a hard day. She in certainly stirring things up at our house ... and we wouldn't want it any other way.

To the beach!

I took a spontaneous beach trip with the kids yesterday when Hayden was out of school. The weather was great and we had a blast. Hayden was even so brave as to strip down to his bathing suit and get in the water! I told him I would video tape him going in all the way (head under the water) to show Cletus when we got home. He took the challenge and plunged in .... but, alas, the video camera cut off right before he went under. Cruel. Kate chased seagulls and ate sand. All in all, a fun day.

Family Bowling

We took a family trip to the bowling alley by NC State to celebrate Hayden saving up 30 stars on his star chart. It was fun! Alice scored an amazing 163 over Cletus' 111, but who's keeping score ....? Yes, we had bumpers, but I didn't really use them! Hayden worked hard and we enjoyed his efforts.

February is full of fun!

We're online! Since everyone else is doing it, we decided to do it too. We've always followed the crowd, so here we are! Actually, it seemed a good way to keep in touch with our long, lost friends.