Small Miracle

So, to start out this story, I need to explain about Cletus' "planner". He has a Franklin Covey small black planner that he has used for the past 10 years to keep track of dates, times, phone numbers, etc. He also keeps his license, his credit cards, and everything else important in there. (This planner was a gift to me from a guy I dated a long time ago. How ironic that Cletus and I used to to plan our wedding ..). Anyway, Cletus is making efforts at being organized, but is constantly thwarted because he loses his planner. He means well and tries hard, but that darn planner is just too evasive. I hear at least (I mean, at the minimum) two times a day, "Have you seen my planner?". However, as Cletus gets closer to opening his practice, his planner has become quite valuable to him. Things have become so busy that his brains are really locked up in that little black planner with contact numbers, cel phone numbers, and other odds and ends that are, to him, are quite necessary.
When Cletus told me that he couldn't find his planner about three weeks ago, we weren't too concerned. This was a common occurance and we were sure that it would turn up soon. Well, days went by. Cletus did a search of both of the cars - under seats, in the trunks, everywhere. Nothing. A few more days and he did a thorough search of the house. Nothing. He started getting a little frustrated. I looked up our credit card and checking accounts to make sure that there was no funny business going on. We prayed about it and felt at peace. We waited. Nothing. More searching. No planner.
Late last week I got phone call that set my heart at ease. A lady from a recycling company in Raleigh said that she had a little black book with my husband's information, his cards, etc, in it. Hallelujah! I was so excited! I asked her where she was located and she told me that Cletus had taken a tour of her facility and had left the planner then, so he should know where it was. Well, I called Cletus right away at work and told him the good news. The only confusion was that Cletus had never been to a recycling facility to take a tour. He had no idea where the place was. Luckily, I still had the number on my phone and so he was able to call and get directions.
When he arrived and retrieved his precious planner, it looked like it had been through .... a recycling machine. Our only guess is that we somehow accidently threw his planner into our recycling bin, it got dumped into the big truck, taken into Raleigh, and saved from being shredded and turned into paper pulp. Then, this nice lady who could have stolen all of our private financial information, found my number inside and called.
All of that seems so improbable, yet it's really the only explanation. That, and prayers are most definitely answered. This was a small miracle, but it was a testimony to us that we are watched over and cared for, even in our daily struggles.
This morning, Cletus set off to work, but only after asking me, "have you seen my planner?".


This morning, Kate put her two little hands on both of my cheeks and said,
"Love dis face".

What more could I ask for?