You may have noticed that I never did the requisite kids-in-Halloween-costumes-looking-super-cute post. Our computer has been on the fritz and then the time just passed. Let's just say that my kids were really cute in their costumes and we had a fun Halloween. And, also, that if Eric Carle who wrote The Grouchy Ladybug ever needs a mascot, we've got his girl!
So, I've been tagged! Allyn Boney tagged me with a quirk challenge: 7 quirks that nobody knows about me. This has been pretty fun ... although I don't know if I'm going to be able to come up with that many interesting quirks.
1. I have always wanted to clog (as in clogging, not as in wearing them or in getting something stuck). It's my secret dream to be really great at clogging and to wear that frilly dress and the whole get-up. I just don't have the guts to do it. And, if I'm really great at it, clogging seems like kind of a nerdy talent to have. Still, don't be surprised to see me one day up on stage ...
2. I like fried chicken livers. I've even ordered them when we're out to eat, much to Cletus' dismay. And, the Simpsons say that I'm not really Southern!
3. I prefer to have all of the doors in the car locked when I'm driving. A long time ago someone told me that it was safer, and it has just stuck. I realize that if you were in an accident and you were trying to get out of the car, or if rescuers were trying to get in, then it wouldn't be safer at all. This quirk just won't listen to reason.
4. I hate getting water splashed on my face. Even when I'm in the pool, I like having my face dry all of the time. I enjoy water games, pools, sprinkler, etc as long as I don't have water splashed on my face.
5. I can't remember anyone's birthday to save my life. Even family members. Sorry everyone. I'm lame.
6. I hate dogs. I'm actually pretty scared of dogs. I was taking the kids on a small walk down our street a few weeks ago and a stray dog was just walking down the street not paying any attention to us and I was in a panic. My heart was racing, my legs turned to jello, and I had to breathe slow to get myself back in control. I actually don't take walks with my kids around in our neighborhood because I am scared of wild or stray dogs.
7. I'm allergic to fresh fruit. Especially fruits that have an edible skin like peaches, apples, and pears. Peaches are the worst for me. I get a rash around my mouth, the inside of my mouth gets itchy and I've even had my throat get a little swollen before. I haven't always had that problem. I think it's a post-Hayden issue.
Well, that was suppose to be fun but now I just feel like a weirdo. You're all going to have to write comments to reassure me of how normal I am.
I tag Heather Pollei, Tanya Smith, and my sister, Mary.


Bonnie said...

you are no wierdo. I clogged when i was younger and loved it and would do it to this day if I had somewhere to do it. And I also am irrate about locking my car doors but only when I am in the car. I leave my house unlocked alot and never lock my car:)(Every time Irwin and I watch Monk on tv, we think of you. we think Monks assistant looks just like you)

Linda said...

I'm totally laughing. That is great stuff. But don't worry- you're not weird. I've seen other friends respond to these type of tags, and everyone has their special quirks! As for the clogging- too bad you didn't go to BYU- it's super cool there! I can totally imagine you clogging. Go for it!

Rachel said...

hey alice we would love to come and play, really! so when is a good day for you? as for twilight you better hurry up a read them the movie is coming out soon and you are going to be left out my sour grapes friend!!! its alright, just don't forget to not hate the player, hate the game!!! :)

Hester Family said...

I was totally laughing, too! Chicken livers is a little weird though. Everything else isn't too appalling (ha)! I read your entry to Tim (keeping you anonymous), and after the first quirk, he guessed it was either you or Julie...not sure why.

Heather said...

You put ME on the list of people to validate your normalcy? Oh, wait - I get it. I'm so weird that your little list of quirks will seem perfectly normal after I make my list. Got it. I'm gonna rush right off and make that list....

Please tell me you're not reading Twilight. PLEASE tell me that you haven't given in to that Mormon porn. "It's alright, the author is LDS!" Sheesh. Or maybe only people in Utah make that excuse. I'm not being a prude here, talk to Mary, she'll back me up. Vampires? Sex much? Yah - we had someone on the home school list (don't roll your eyes at me, home schoolers are not all weirdos) post a list that she got from a family book-rating-type website that listed every incident of sexual behavior, deviency, pre-marital sex, etc from that book and the examples they gave blew my mind. I can't imagine ANY LDS person being able to read the book without feeling uncomfortable, and I can't believe the number of women here who rave about it.

Hmmmmm I'm about to dive off into a rant. Guess I'll stop.

So I caught up on the last few posts and I'm emailing you about your BUSY one :) I started it in a comment, but then it got really long so I copied it into an email.

Do you remember that time when Hayden was a baby and you came and stayed over night with us in Sacramento? I can't remember why, but it was fun - we went to the zoo and I was pregnant with Bastian and the pictures are just horrible. Anyway, that was when Randy brought home our dog, Rosie. I remember you being freaked out - I was, too. "Suprise honey! A strange dog! Okay, I'm off to work!" I was NOT happy. Remember? Remember?

Chris said...

FIRST, people in utah and at byu know NOTHING about real clogging, no offense linda. second, i'm not surprised that hardly anyone knows those things about you, you surprised ME. YOUR OWN MOTHER! THIRD, what's weird about chicken livers?

Alice said...

Wow, interesting comments, everyone. I feel so normal now. Mom, Linda isn't from Utah, she's from Boston. And Heather, no, I haven't read the Twilight series, although I know a lot of people who have. Some people that I trust un-recommended it.

Heather said...

Love the quirks Alice! You are totally normal and thanks for helping me feel normal too :) I thought fried Chicken livers were totally southern?! Or is that chitlin's, or is that the same thing? hahaha. Also, it is no wonder about the dog fear, given your experience earlier this year! Also, I have a pair of clogging shoes, size 8 from my days at Ricks College (they offered clogging!!) if you ever want to borrow them and live out the dream. Also, did you know you can buy the taps or little silver clogs and get them added to any pair of shoes!? I must admit clogging is fun!! And the names of the steps are funny - I remember this one step was called buck and wings (visualize a chicken) hhehehe! Thanks for giving us a peek into the inner Alice ::)

Troy and Sherrie said...

Actually, I can relate to more than half of your quirks! Thanks for sharing such fun insights about you. I love reading your blog!

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