Lego Maniac

We took Hayden to Toys R Us on Saturday to let him pick out a Lego set for his birthday. He picked out a huge set (the same one as cousin Scott) that he just couldn't wait to get home and put together. We have heard from several people that Legos are great for 7 year old boys and that they will play with them for hours! Hayden has a small Lego set that he doesn't really play with, mainly because there weren't really enough to play with. So we got home too late Saturday night to play with Legos (there was much crying involved). Hayden informed us Sunday at church that 3 hours was WAY too long for us to expect him to go without his Legos. He didn't even want to stay for the Linger Longer and eat! When we got home, he played with them for about two hours. After we went to my grandma's and had a little birthday celebration (where he got more Legos - thanks Grandma, Grandpa, and Kathy!), we again got home too late to play with his Legos (more crying). Well, this morning, Hayden got ready for school as he normally does - all by himself. We expect him to get dressed, eat, pack a lunch, etc. and be ready to leave at 8:45 when it's time to go. This morning when he came out to the car to leave, his little face was very excited and he said,
"Mom, guess what?"
"What Hayden?"
"I started my first fast!"
"Ummm ... a fast? What do you mean?"
"I wanted to play my Legos this morning, so I didn't eat breakfast! I wanted to play instead."

What can I say? The boy loves his Legos.


Mary said...

Alice, that's hilarious. I didn't realize Hayden loved legos so much. I didn't know it was possible to love legos that much.

Chris said...

i really love you guys.

Tanya said...

Yay Legos! We enjoy legos also. Has Hayden checked out the legos website? It's My kids all love it and so do several of the scouts. They can play at prebuilt places or build their own. They can also blow lego things up. Which boys just love.

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