Camping and Cousins and Rain, Oh My!

We headed west Thursday night to Stone Mountain State Park to camp out for the weekend with Cletus' sister, Celeste and her family, and our friends, the Beaumonts. We arrived Thursday night and set up camp before heading to bed. (Kate slept through the night without a problem! Yeah!) Early Friday morning it started raining .... and it didn't stop. So, the kids played in the rain, had fun, got soaking wet, and then started to shiver and to be miserable. And, hey, what is more fun than packing up wet camping gear while it's still raining? Friday afternoon we headed to the Beaumont's house (they never showed up to camp because of the rain) and spent the rest of the weekend. We took a fun hike Saturday (12 kids in all!) in the beautiful weather. The Beaumonts live in Huntersville, just north of Charlotte. Cletus and I actually planned on moving to Huntersville right after dental school and even picked out a house. But, it wasn't meant to be. As we were driving around Huntersville (in the fall, my favorite time of year!), I couldn't help but feel another longing to move to this beautiful part of the state. It was a fun (and tiring) weekend!

Hayden and Holly
Wilford, Lillie, Hayden, Lucy, and Holly waiting for breakfast
Tim, Cletus, and Celeste making a breakfast of pancakes, bacon, sausage and eggs, and hot choloclate
Kate is ready to eat!
Are we having fun yet?


Crystal and Brad Barger said...

WOW! Sounds like a fun trip? I am not much of a camper myself or Brad really. I am sure maybe one day I will venture out when Spencer is older...much older. I might pass on that trip though. It is nice to get away and the mountains are beautiful right now.

Chris said...

you know, we remember the camping trip where you were a tiny baby and "floated away on a foam rubber crib mattress" with great fondness, but it was miserable just like that one. in the morning, i refused to wait and see if the rain would stop and refused to do any "fun" indoor things, and insisted that we go home. wet muddy tarps and tent. yuck.

Mary said...

I've been waiting for you to post about camping; thanks for the pictures of Katie! (We can skip your comments about how ironic it is that I've been waiting for you to post when I haven't posted in forever.) Christian and I need to go camping sometime soon. I love camping, and we have a tent. We have no other camping stuff, but we do have a tent.

Troy and Sherrie said...

You have such an adventuresome family! We long for more time to camp, even if it is for the night in the rain. Really, anytime away from all the buildings and busy city life. Your family is so beautiful. Katie is a cutie. Thanks for sharing the fun! We miss you guys!

Hester Family said...

All of those smiles in the pictures really make the misery of the rain not to be remembered! Thanks for the fun pictures Alice- you are so good at catching the shining moments...and I guess, on NOT catching the dismal ones! We had a great time, too.
Love ya,

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