HOW MANY people are in your family?

Here is a video that Christian put together of the Simpson Family, Fall 2008. He did an fabulous job. If you can name everyone in this video, I'll give you 20 bucks! (12 kids, 8 in-laws, and 24 grandkids (I think ...))
Also, I thought we could play a little "I Spy"!

A boy in a dryer and in a plane,
A handsome couple at a football game,
Kids in the leaves and big kids at the fair,
Two funny faces - who is under there?
Buried in the sand with only a face,
How many Hayden's are in this place?
Dad and son in a cart that can GO!
Three pretty princesses all in a row.
A family at Disney,
And one on a ride,
Then one at the zoo with an elephant's hide.
Batman, a pirate, and Tinkerbell times two,
Two faces looking crazy to scare you!
A sweet little smile on a baby who's not lean,
And the littlest scarecrow you've ever seen.

Good luck in your spy-ing!


Linda said...

Great poem- how did you ever come up with all that? That would have taken me all day to write. You are very creative. The video is a lot of fun, isn't it? I'm glad Christian did it. So much fun!

Hester Family said...

Your talents are amazing! That was pretty should write children's books one day.

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