In Tune

I had a piano tuner come to the house today to .... tune our piano. We have heard that it needs to be tuned after it is moved, so we waited a couple of months for our piano to settle into it's new home before we had it tuned. I just looked online to find a tuner and just randomly selected one. It turns out I picked quite a character. This man's name is Billy and he showed up at my house wearing a fishing shirt that says, "Your Bait Sucks". Wow ... interesting first impression. He took awhile tuning the piano and then he started playing to hear how everything sounded. He started rocking the house! He had told me previously that he owns a studio where they record gospel music. So, he started jamming on some gospel tunes there in our living room, without any music, of course. He was really almost shaking the walls he was playing with so much gusto. Kate loved it! She got out her little hymn book and climbed onto the couch and started singing. We were both dancing a little after awhile. That music filled our whole house. It was awesome. He asked for a request and we suggested "Jingle Bells". He played a mean "Jingle Bells"! We clapped for him when he was done. He told us that he lives in Dunn and had driven an hour to get to our house. After he finished his concert, he took his check and left. All in all, it was quite an interesting morning. Who knew that getting your piano tuned could be so much fun?

This guy's information is:
Kane Kreek Recording Studios
Billy Lancaster
(He does live kind of far away - Coats, NC - but he seemed willing to drive to come and see us!)


Rich said...

that is really awesome!

Can you post his contact information? We'll need our piano tuned at some point too!! :)

Angie (Drowns) Kelly said...

WOw, sounds like fun. Wish i had a piano to tune. Too bad Cletus missed him. I'm sure he would have loved it!

Crystal and Brad Barger said...

That is great! I can't imagine driving an hour...hopefully he charges a lot :)

TamiStark said...


Did you guys move again? Or did you just move the piano? I'm confused. Hope all is well. Your kids are adorable! I will be home over the christmas break (26th - 1st). Maybe we can get together. If not, I will be there at the end of Feb. Yeah! I will try to post some pic's of the home in progress. Love, tAmi.

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