Santa's Crazy Reindeer

Here are our little reindeer. Isn't the reindeer on the left just the picture of Christmas cheer? The other reindeer (underneath) looks a little manic. I have to admit that I made him put on the antlers and pose in front of the tree.

And, here is our little cheerful reindeer. She is singing to the tree in the picture on the left. I loved that! She was just going around to all of the ornaments and singing to them. And, this picture (underneath) is my all-time favorite. I could just eat up those cheeks!


Rachel said...

wow, i can't believe how grown they look, you haven't been gone that long, but they have definitely changed!

Heather said...

What adorable reindeer you have Alice!!

P.S. I was gonna say we'd love a Christmas card but I didn't want to make you mail one, so you should post it on your blog so we can all see! :)

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