Since you asked ...

I am: trying to cut back on the time I spend on the Internet
I know: how to make good homemade wheat bread
I won: the best catch in the Single's Ward 9 1/2 years ago
I want: jeans that fit me
I have: a car in the shop that I am missing terribly
I hate: the neighborhood cat that poops in our sandbox!
I miss: New Kids on the Block (just kidding ... kind of. I miss the beach)
I feel: so tired. It's the end of the day and I always feel drained by the kid's bedtime
I hear: Hayden practicing the bottom hand of "I Am A Child of God" on the piano
I smell: my citrus and sage candle from Yankee Candle
I crave: frozen pizza almost every night
I search: bargains wherever I go ... I even found some discarded poinsettas in the dumster behind Lowes awhile ago. They were still good! (don't tell the ladies I visit teach)
I love: being with my family when we are all happy and laughing together
I care: what people think about me, even though I'm trying really hard not to (so much)
I always: cut my boys' hair
I believe: that being home with my kids is the most important place I could be
I sing: a lot better than I use to
I write: in my journal not very often
I lose: Scrabble to Cletus most of the time
I win: Rummikub
I never: want to own a pet
I listen: to lots of crying and lots of laughing every day and I wouldn't change a thing!
I am scared: of losing somebody close to me
I need: to exercise more
I am happy about: my life.
I tag: Jessica Simpson, Kristy Simpson, and Crystal (Simpson) Barger


Lisa and company said...

hey lucky for you the NKOTB are back!!!!

Heather said...

my fav. was about the poinsettias and don't tell the ladies I visit teach - LOL!! :)

mommyof5 said...

Does never wanting a pet mean you will never have a pet. Cletus always seemed like a dog kind of guy.

Alice said...

Andrea, Cletus would laugh if he knew you said that about him. He is the biggest anti-pet person I know. He has actually kicked people's pets when we were at their house (when they were out of the room)!

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