Cletus and Whitney

Cletus has always had a special relationship with Whitney Houston (only Tina Turner takes a close second ... I'd never even heard of the song Private Dancer until I met Cletus). If Cletus and I ever run into anyone who knew him in high school, inevitably, the first thing they bring up is Cletus' performances in running for school leadership offices. At the end of his sophomore year, he dressed up (from what I can gather) in a pretty crazy outfit involving suspenders and sang MC Hammer's Can't Touch This to win the race for Junior Class President. At the end of his Junior year, he sang Whitney Houston's Greatest Love of All to try and win the Senior Class President office. Surprisingly, he didn't win. But, the did succeed in prompting a new Garner High School Rule that students running for office couldn't perform in any way to try and get votes (I guess he was the only one who had thought of singing or dancing their way into student office .... until Napoleon Dynamite). So it should not have come as any surprise that on New Years Eve at Chuck and Linda's annual party he and Whitney were reunited again. Cletus performed a side-splitting rendition of I Will Always Love You that had us all in tears we were laughing so hard. We also played the dreaded Celestial Companions game that had some couples (including us) arguing for several days over our answers last year. And although we didn't win this year, we had fun playing and didn't have any residual arguments (yay for us!). Who says that Mormons can't have fun on New Year's Eve?


Rachel said...

ha ha, that is so funny, i love the celestial companion game, wayne and i don't fight afterwards because most of our answers are the mean ones anyways!!!

Heather said...

Oh man, how come I have never even heard of that game!? I'll have to check that out ;)

Consider a hidden camera next year if Cletus and Whitney reunite again - we wanna cry too! :)

mommyof5 said...

I have never heard of the game either. Is it an actual game? I think Mormon parties are always more fun, we get to remember the fun!

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