The fence!

The time has arrived to begin on the fence project! Last night, Cletus meaured and marked out where the fence will go, today he has the auger, and when he is ready, there is a pile of lumber waiting for him!

We decided shortly after we moved in (November) that we would like to have a fence to keep the kids in, the animals out (of our future garden), and for a little privacy. To save some money, Cletus decided to do it all himself.

Our lot is only .24 acre, but when you mow it or fence it, all of a sudden it seems huge! I mowed the grass a couple of Saturdays ago and it took almost an hour. It must surely be because our yard is so big and not because I'm a bit of a wimp. Anyway, we are anxious to see how the fence progresses.


Heather said...

Go Cletus! That's awesome. Maybe someday when we get around to our fence project we will be calling you. Your yard does look big Alice! That will be so fun for the kids and alot of peace of mind for you guys.

P.S. I can't ever seem to find the perfect jeans either. I have had some good luck at old navy in the past. I just can't dry them or they will be too short. So maybe if you go there and dry them, they'll fit? Sigh....Good luck. It is an accomplishment to still be a slim jim after 2 children. You look great :)

Heather said...

Hey Alice, Greg doesn't do wedding photography anymore. It totally stresses him out because it is the ONE special day and if you miss anything or something like that...ugg. But we have a friend in Cary 2nd that does and he does a great job (Robbie Caldwell) and I think he is pretty reasonable. My e-mail is, if you e-mail me I can give you his number. Brother Holmes in the Apex Ward does weddings also.

Rachel Bartholomew said...

Ok, I find it amazing that we all blog now. I love it. It makes me feel like we are able to connect more often now and keep up with each other. Your children are so cute. Colette is getting married as well, but in may.

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