Bunnies, Eggs, and Birds

I took the kids to two different Easer Egg Hunts this year (lots of fun, but way too much candy in my opinion). Kate was ready to go for the first one with her little bunny ears. She actually wore them the whole time! Her smile didn't quite last, however. She enjoyed the kids, the sun, the eggs, the candy, but ........I found her gazing in horror across the field at ..... the Easter Bunny! She started crying a few minutes after this picture.
Somehow I was able to distract her long enough to get a picture with Hayden and the Easter Bunny without screaming being involved. She looks pretty skeptical. (I agree that huge pink bunnies with purple hair and bow ties are pretty scary)
Hayden LOVES easter egg hunts. And, he wants a challenge! None of this throwing-them-out-into-a-field kind of stuff. He wants to have to work for his candy! He actually wanted to go and hunt eggs with the older kids because it would be harder. But, in the end, the desire for more candy won out and he went with his own age group. And, he is always a trooper when it comes to taking pictures.
The easter egg hunt on Saturday was so fun! It was a beautiful day and we all had a great time (even Cletus, who stayed home to work on the fence, ha-ha). However, the warm day meant liquid chocolate in the eggs that were out in the sun. This was fine with Kate - the easier to suck the chocolate out of the foil.

We also enjoyed a nice Easter Sunday. Church was nice (with a great choir), and we spent the rest of the day at the Simpsons, with lots of good food, fun company, and cousins galore! We didn't see Hayden for an hour or two at time. When we arrived he disappeared into the cousin crowd and he only re-emerged for food, water, and the bathroom. We love it! It's nice to be so close to family.
One random thing happened to make Sunday morning a little more stressful than it usually is. As I was rushing out the door to get the kids in the car (it was my turn to set up chairs in the Primary room before church), I left the door between the house and the garage open. Then, as I opened the garage door, a bird flew into the garage and then into the house! Ah! A bird in the house! But, I yelled to Hayden to run and open the back door. Luckily, he did it quickly and the bird flew right out the back door. I was so glad I didn't have to leave for church with a bird flying around inside our house! Maybe it just wanted to wish us a Happy Easter.


Mary said...

Alice, Katie looks so cute in her little bunny ears! I wish I could have seen you guys this weekend, but Christian and I went out to Charlotte. I've decided that this is my last week of work, which means that I can spend some time with you all before the wedding. I love you guys!

Juli said...

ooooh a bird!!! they scare me. you have crazy encounters with animals!

Heather said...

First, what gorgeous and classic pictures of the children!! Second, I had a bird in MY house TOO!! But not to wish me happy Easter because this was two weeks ago when Greg was out of town. But the wind must have blown the front door open and then I found the bird in the tall entry way by the front door and had to keep throwing a sweater up in the air to get it to come down and finally after about 5 minutes it flew out the back door too!

Heather said...

So cute! I love the bunny ears!:)

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