Saturday is a special day

Saturday was quite a busy day for us. And, despite my very diligent efforts, the pictures aren't in order. I would try again, but since they took fooorrreevveerr to dowload the first time, I'll just let them be unorganized.

We spent some time at the Simpsons celebrating the February and March birthdays. Kate loves getting sung to (which is good since the Simpsons have a 3-verse birthday song) and she enjoyed being one of the centers of attention. She calls it "happy Kate's party" when we sing to her. She is enjoying it with two of her cousins. Look at that family resemblance!

Cletus and Eric being good sports and looking at the camera when what they really wanted to do was look at the TV and watch the game.

Hayden and Scott - good friends (and cousins too).

Before the birthday party, we took a family trip to Western Lanes bowling alley on Hillsborough Street. We had fun bowling, and Cletus and I always enjoy walking down memory lane at NC State. Here are Cletus and Kate keeping score (Kate's making sure that Cletus doesn't cheat).

Hayden took this picture of us and I'm quite impressed. He did a great job. We don't have very many pictures of us together that are decent. I guess we're just not photogenic.
Who would have thought that twelve years ago amidst the drama of the singles ward .....

Kate enjoyed pushing her bowling ball down the ramp onto the bumper lane. We just couldn't keep that mouth off of the bowling alley ramp (nasty!).

Hayden is always a fun model for pictures. He was trying for three strikes and didn't quite reach his goal.

So, Cletus and I have wanted pictures of our parents to put in our home and we just don't have any good ones. I was determined to get some yesterday and I had willing models, so we went outside for a photo shoot. I didn't realize why my pictures were so bright until I was looking at them later and remembered that I had set my manual settings on my camera to let in lots of light at the bowling alley and that once I was outside, it was way too much light. (Arrggh!) I think it's the aperature that I didn't have set correctly for outside pictures. Anyway, the result is too much light. But, I still think they turned out pretty well. Hopefully my sweet in-laws don't mind me posting some of the pictures I took. What a good-looking couple!


Kimberly said...

I love the picture of the Simpsons kissing. In all the zillion years that I've known them, I've never actually seen it happen!

And seriously, how long has it been since we were in the Singles Ward? I think you got married right before Ricky went on his mission. You made it in his mission scrapbook since he was there that day to go through the DC temple. Happy upcoming anniversary!!!!


Heather said...

Cute cute cute. I cannot believe the little triplets with the big brown eyes. You are right, the resemblance is amazing.

I think you and Cletus ARE photogenic because your beach pictures from last year were beautiful too!

Lisa and company said...

Great pictures!!! I actually like the lighting in the pictures of Charles and Caroline.

chris said...

carolyn and charles look like they're shining.

Angie (Drowns) Kelly said...

Lovely! I think you are VERY photogenic Alice. We should get together this summer for a weekend trip somewhere..Our kids really need to play together. And we need to play too! Glad to see a new post. 12 years????

Angie (Drowns) Kelly said...

By the way.....who did your blog? Did you do it??? It looks gorgeous! I want mine pretty too.

Brandon said...

How is it possible that you guys look the same now as you did in college?? Amazing!
WE miss you guys!

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