This one's for the girls

My camera has been lost! No, really, it has! It sounds a lot like "the dog ate my homework", but it's true! We finally found it - hooray! It had been accidently laid on top of an open camping bin in the garage and then packed away. After a month and a half, it's back!

After looking through all of our recent pictures and taking some more, I decided to dedicate this post to my beautiful girls. Here are a few of my favorites:

Our little blue-eyed elf! Those eyes are amazing! Kate is a great helper in the kitchen. She actually does help, even though she is only 3 (well, now she's 4). She especially loves making bread because she can eat the dough. Bread dough is one of her favorite treats. Gross, strange, weird, I know. But she loves it.
Kate loving her Snow White dress that she got for Christmas (can't you tell?). Actually, she really does love it, but she's being weird about getting her picture taken.

Kate has loved the trampoline that Santa brought for Christmas. She asks at least 3 times a day to go out and jump on it. She usually wants me to go with her, but Hayden is a much more entertaining jumping buddy.

This baby LOVES her baths. She can't get enough. And, she drinks enough bathwater to last until the next bath. Eww.
I introduced Kate to the world of foam rollers. Every girl has to experience the pink foam rollers at least a couple of times, right? I did when I was little, so I'm passing the tradition on. Pretty silly since she has naturally curly hair, but she was a good sport.

Kate was so happy to get this Rapunzel doll for her birthday. It's not the kind of thing I would ever buy, but a friend took her to see Tangled and she loved, loved it! So, we surprised her, went against our instincts and bought her a Disney doll. Just look at her face. It was worth it.

Elaine finally started crawling at 9 months - yay! Now she's on the move and is trying to keep up with her big sister ... even when she's crawling on scratchy brown grass.

We had a Valentines picnic with Cletus in a field behind his office. The girls love getting to see him in the middle of the day (and so do I). It's a treat. And, he was happy to have 3 Valentines to celebrate with.

Kate will not just smile for the camera - on purpose. She insists on making silly faces with silly poses. Oh well, we love her anyway.
For some reason, the tongue always comes with the smile.

Thank goodness for sweet, talkative, imaginative, cuddly, bossy, rosy, loving, beautiful girls. What would I do without them?



Mary said...

What adorable girls! Thanks for sharing the pictures!

Hester Family said...

Those are some great pictures! You have a way of capturing the best.

Heather said...

The girls look beautiful. We hope you're doing well. Two weeks til moving day! I'll send you our new address once we know what it is. Scary, huh? We're moving in two weeks and don't even know where we'll be living. :) I'm sure it will all work out. :) We love and miss you guys!

leah said...

Great post, Alice! I just love your sweet little girls! And if I'm being totally honest, they're two of the pretties little darlings I've ever seen! :)

Hindmarsh Family said...

Your kids are the cutest things! We'll be in NC this summer. We'd love to get together if you are available.

Iftekhar Ahmed said...

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