Standing O

After a long and arduous WalMart shopping trip for two weeks worth of groceries, after listening to crying from two little girls and additional whining, after keeping a smile on my face and a good attitude in the mix, after saying "no" with a smile to a 3 year old who would like to buy everything in her line of vision, after getting good deals and not buying or spending too much while all of this is going on, I often hope to roll my full cart out into the parking lot to a standing ovation.


Three Little Brown Kids said...

I'm clapping for you!

chris said...

i'm so glad you hear the ovation. it's the angels.

Meredith said...

seriously! i feel you. walmart and i are once a weekers at this point and man does it feel like a struggle sometimes. the kid wants this, i need to run over there for that ... some applause might be nice for sure;)

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