The Sound of a 3-Year Old

Our kids have really gotten into The Sound of Music. They love it! We have the CD and they listen to it in the car, in the house ... in our sleep. I have chuckeld to myself as I hear Kate sing, "I need someone older and wiser telling me what to do" or "totally unprepared am I, to face a world of men". Wise girl.


Cerah said...

that is so cute that I just went and got out our DVD and sat and watched it with the children - the girls were singing along and dancing while our dude was interested in the military whistling and lineups! Perhaps we will institute that into our home regime, as it might get better results!

Hester Family said...

That is too funny! Lillie was amused when she heard Kate singing that the other day when you guys were over...too much, too soon!

Angie (Drowns) Kelly said...

My kids love that movie. Olivia used to sing the songs so much that her whole pre-school class knew all the words. Search SOund of Music on U tube and there is a great video of some people dancing in a train station to do rei mei.

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