Taking a Moment

This post is about my friend, Tami, and her family. I hope she doesn't mind if I talk about her for a minute. We've been friends for almost 25 years, so maybe she'll forgive me if she really does mind.
Tami is expecting their 4th baby later this month. That is amazing in and of itself ... only because 4 children is so much work and I admire women who seem to do it so effortlessly. She is one of those. I've also heard that the 4th child is the turning point in a house of chaos. (Cletus' mother told me that and he was the 4th child, although I've heard it from others as well). The real reason that i wanted to bring up Tami is that her husband is set to be deployed for Iraq a week before the baby is due. He's going to be gone for 12 months. They are hoping and praying that the doctors will induce her so that Grant can see his baby before he's gone for a year.
After he's gone, Tami will be holding up the homefront with 3 children and a newborn. I know her and I know that she will be positive, that she will carry on and show a brave face, and that she will do singlehandedly what most of us complain about doing every day. Think about a year alone of: famiy home evenings, dinners, birthdays, outings, holidays, anniversary, children's firsts, evenings at home, prayers, and everything else that we share.
I don't feel sorry for her, but I respect her and the decision that both of them have made to be so brave and strong. I am so grateful for the sacrifice that she is making to create a safe country for me and my family. Her sacrifice, and many others like her, make is possible for me and my family to be together, to live and breathe, and work and play every day in a free and safe country.
So, thank you Tami. I value and honor your example. Soldiers aren't just sent off to war. They are left home to be a little scared, and brave, but to carry on with a smile.


chris said...

my love to tami (and so many others like her), and to you, alice, for being such a good friend.

Rich said...

I saw Grant and Tami a few weeks ago, and it was very sobering to see the separation that was coming up. My thanks go out to all of our troops and their families as well. It is a marvelous dedication.

Good luck Tami!

RACHEL said...

it is amazing what army wifes can do and how much soldiers give. my brother is in a similar situation. they just had their second and he is getting ready to go back to iraq. the first time he missed the birth of his first daughter.

Elizabeth said...

I'm assuming this is Tami (was) Gandolph? I'll be praying for her and her little family! I don't know if 4 kids was the tipping point for me...it's always been "joyful" chaos:) And amazing job with your canning!

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