A familiar story (with pictures)

This post is dedicated to my mom, who mentioned today that she is tired of "Uplifting Words". Actually, I hope she doesn't mind, but this post is dedicated to all moms. I think that my plight is probably a familiar plight to all of the moms out there.
It is the plight of getting a good picture of yourself among the family photo archives. I am usually the one taking pictures, capturing family memories and making my family members look like models. And then, every once in awhile, I realize that I'm not a part of the family photo archives.
So what do I do then? I mention to my husband and my children (in a manner that induces guilt), that it's too bad that there aren't more pictures of me, that my children won't know what I looked like when they were young and that my husband won't remember me when I was young and skinny and cute.
Then my husband snatches the camera over the next several family activities and takes lots and lots of bad pictures of me. Pictures where I look like I have a double chin, where my eyes are half-closed, pictures where I am so far away that you can't really tell it's me, pictures where there is food in my mouth, pictures where I am in the middle of talking, etc.
After these pictures are taken, I sneak off and delete all of them from our camera (yay for digital cameras!). I mean, I don't want bad pictures of myself remembered, brought out in years to come, and becoming the fuel for family jokes.
Several months later, this whole process is repeated again.
So, here are some fun family pictures and activities from the past several months (you will notice one member of the family who is missing in all of them ....)

Kate has finally fallen in love with the Thumbelina dress-up that my sister gave her for her birthday. At first she wanted nothing to do with it, but now she wants to wear it every day and calls it her "pretty dress".

We participated in the Raleigh Stake Day of Service this past Saturday and enjoyed doing the 5K together. Cletus and Hayden ran and Kate and I strolled. Hayden ran the whole thing! He is quite a little athlete.

A couple of weeks ago we went to the NC Zoo. (Now for a little negativity: The day was really hot, the zoo was super crowded, we didn't see very many animals, my allergies kicked in unmercifully, and to be honest ... I don't really like our zoo.) The kids had fun though, and that's what matters.

And, finally, Kate helping with the laundry as only 2 year olds can!


Rachel said...

super cute pics, i am sorry you are not in them, i know how that is, that is why i will always cherish having the ones that you took, they are the last ones with all of us in them!

Mary said...

Yay! I'm so glad Kate finally likes her present! I love to see her with fairy wings. Thanks, Alice.

chris said...

i love seeing my beautiful grandchildren, but i miss seeing my beautiful daughter. i'll come over and take some pictures of you. or you could just go to glamour shots.


Truelove Family said...

Moms do all the work and receive no glory. But, you will cherish the pictures because they bring back the memories of good family times. Don't worry... I'm not in any of our pictures either. If I am, it's when I haven't had time to fix my hair, etc. Honestly, when you have young children, it's rare that you as mom look your best, so maybe that's why no one's taking our picture... b/c we're not as cute as the kids. Ha! Like you, I get my picture taken when I'm not camera-ready, and when I am camera-ready, pictures never get taken. Sad day! Eric says if we get a really nice camera he may get into taking pictures. Hmmm!

Hester Family said...

What was your stake day of service? It sounds like it was something the whole family could participate in, which is nice.

About the pictures- Cletus probably took those crazy pics of you intentionally, so just pass the camera to a woman to take of that next time...you are so right about being the brunt of a joke in the years to come, too--no mercy!

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