Old Man Simpson

Cletus is 33 years old today!! Happy Birthday to the handsome, crazy and wacky, sweet, determined, hard-working, creative, and fun person who makes our world go 'round. Here are 17 things that you might not know about Cletus:

1. His middle name is Helms, his mother's maiden name. She (and he) are distantly related to the late Jesse Helms.
2. He has a webbed toe.
3. He ran for Junior Student Body President at Garner High and won with a MC Hammer dance. (He ran again for Senior President singing, "We believe the children are the future" by Whitney Houston, but surprisingly, he lost)
4. He has had 6 years of piano lessons.
5. He went on a mission to Equador for 2 years and one time was so poor that he had to eat bananas (every meal!) for a week. He actually gained weight. He still likes bananas.
6. He has run 3 marathons and done 1 triathalon. (The marathons were: Deseret News marathon in Salt Lake, Richmond Marathon, and the Grandfather Mountain Marathon in Boone)
7. He wakes up at 5 am every morning so that he can have time to read. He is a determined reader and read the unabridged version of Les Miserables with a dictionary in hand. He also loves reading Revolutionary War books and President's biographies.
8. He is a talented woodworker and has made an entertainment center, a coffee table, 7 side tables out of his grandpa's old barn wood, and a beautiful cedar chest.
9. He chooses a patriotic song to sing every week at Family Home Evening.
10. His goal is to hike the Appalachian trail with Hayden at his side. (He wanted to do it for our honeymoon, but I wasn't game)
11. He asked me to marry him twice, with about a year in between the proposals.
12. He recently won the Simpson Family Putt-Putt Tournament: the first time in 10 years!
13. He is a bocce fanatic.
14. He thinks that Sonic's Happy Hour is the best thing ever invented (at a fast food restaurant, at least).
15. He has his contractor's license and has formed an LLC (Liahona Construction). His dream is to build houses one day.
16. He took a tap dancing class at NC State with me.
17. His favorite candy bar is Butterfinger.

Happy Birthday, Cletus. We love you!


Chris said...
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Chris said...

we already knew most of those things about cletus, but i'm glad we got to hear the rest. by the way, you left out
18. ideal son-in-law

Chris said...

but can either of you still tap dance?

Alice said...

No, but you should see Hayden in my high heels. He is a tap dancing prodigy. We've passed the talent on.

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