I am trapped in computer-illilteracy land and I can't get out! My computer refuses to let me download pictures onto my blog. And, it also won't let me email pictures to anyone who could do a post for me. I know that all of you computer people out there may laugh at my saying that my computer won't "let" me. But, that is just the truth. So, I am stuck here behind an uncooperative computer and I've just lost my blogging spirit. I have loads of pictures to share and no way to share them. I've always been told it was nice to share. Oh well. I guess I'll just have to write about our hilarious and stimulating day-to-day activities which will include hitting our computer with a baseball bat.


Rachel said...

ha ha, at least you are computer illiterate because your computer is the problem, my problem is i hardly even know what i am doing, i think landen knows how to use the computer better than i do.

Heather said...

I read about this in the blogger help section one day because I had the same problem for just a day or two...don't know if any of their suggestions will help, I tried a couple of them, like checking the security settings, something about the firewall. I think ours just started working again by itself. Weird business. Hope it starts working for you because I like your pictures! :)

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