Mary's Wedding

So, the wedding is over! Actually, it's been over for a couple of weeks. It was quite a whirlwind. But, Mary and Christian are officially married and enjoying wedded bliss (at least, that's what they say). Here are some pictures to enjoy:

This isn't a great one of Christian, but Mary looks pretty,

I love this one of Mary looking at her bouquet. My cousin, Tessa, did the flowers and did a wonderful job. Hats off to Mary - I don't know many people who can pull their hair back, tie in a ribbon, throw on a wedding dress, and look so beautiful.
I put this one in for anyone who knows my brother, Aaron. People ask me about him all of the time, so here is the update: He and his wife, Lynda, are living in Texas with Aaron's son, Todd (almost 13), their daughter Autumn (2) and a baby to arrive in June - another girl. They are happy and doing well. Todd is comoing to visit us in the summer for a couple of weeks.
Here is another one of Aaron with my parents. Who are all of these good-looking people?
And, here is a family shot right before the reception. Again, not a great one of Christian. Sorry, Christian. And, my little sister Sara never likes to partcipate in group pictures. I can sympathize.


Heather said...

Love all of the pictures! They turned out so nice and I love the wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses and your new haircut!! The one of you and Cletus and the kids is great. That's a framer.

allyn said...

alice, please tell mary congratulations for me. she looks so beautiful and grown up. it is hard for me not to picture her as the shy little beehive i had 10 years ago (ahhh!) nevertheless, she is a real woman now. we wish them all the happiness they can carry.

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